White (W-0001)
Wattle (F2C22F)
Aussie Gold (FFB516)
Orange Burst (FF7F2D)
Sky (8DB6E6)
Aqua (008DB9)
Royal (1B478D)
Purple (4D427A)
Hot Pink (C3396E)
Fire Engine Red (E12944)
Sahara Red (952436)
Maroon (5E2E41)
Teal (007E7A)
Jade (008E7A)
Emerald (00A35D)
Bottle (234542)
Junior Navy (262E42)
Ink Navy (272C37)
Grey (82858F)
Charcoal (333A40)
Black (262728)
Safety Yellow (F-F9FF22)
Safety Orange (F-FF6E30)
Ultra Pink (FE3886)


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Product Description:

SportsDry ultraMESH fabric is the perfect choice for anyone looking for a comfortable and functional fabric for their polo shirts or shorts. The fabric is constructed using a micro filament polyester on the face for a soft handle and durability, and a cotton back for breathability and moisture-wicking properties.

This popular fabric is widely used for corporate, school & club uniforms making it a versatile option for a variety of garments. It is available in 24 colours, and can also be dyed to match your specific colour. Additionally, the safety colours available meet the Australian/New Zealand safety standard (ASNZ 1906.4 2010). Custom jacquard or striped collars can be knitted to complete your garment, giving it a customized and polished look.

The SportsDry ultraMESH fabric provides superior breathability, the cotton back ensures that moisture is wicked away from the skin, keeping you cool and dry even during physical activity. The micro filament polyester on the face adds durability, ensuring that your garments will last through multiple washes.

• Cotton backed for breathability and moisture wicking.
• Microfibre face for soft handle.
• Durable.
• Traditionally used for polo shirts and shorts.
• Safety colours meet Australian / New Zealand safety standard (ASNZ 1906.4 2010)

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