Wattle (F2C22F)
Light Gold (FFD347)
Aussie Gold (FFB516)
Sunset (FFA30B)
Orange Burst (FF7F2D)
Sky (8DB6E6)
Aqua (008DB9)
Royal (25488B)
Purple (4D427A)
Hot Pink (C3396E)
Red (C62643)
Dark Maroon (5E2E41)
Teal (007E7A)
Jade (008E7A)
Kelly Green (008D52)
Bottle (234542)
Junior Navy (262E42)
Ink Navy (272C37)
Black (262728)
Grey (82858F)
Grey Marle (M-A6A6A3)
Charcoal Marle (M-515356)
Cocoa (3F3534)
Safety Yellow (F-F9FF22)
Safety Orange (F-FF6E30)

Traditional Pique

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Product Description:

Indulge in the timeless elegance of the Vortex Traditional Pique fabric. Known colloquially as Lacoste, this durable and versatile fabric has been setting the gold standard for premium polo shirts for years. It’s knitted from a well-balanced polycotton blend that assures a comfortable fit without compromising durability, making it an unrivaled choice for fashion-forward individuals, professionals, and students alike.

The distinctive attribute of the Vortex Traditional Pique lies in its use of Vortex spun yarn. This technique remarkably enhances the fabric’s resistance to pilling, ensuring your garments maintain a smooth and fresh appearance even after repeated wear and washing. The texture is rich and pleasing to the touch, while the material itself promises excellent longevity and an enduring appeal.

Beyond its physical properties, the Vortex Traditional Pique is a canvas for your style. Whether it’s a casual Friday at the office, a school event, or a weekend outing, garments crafted from this fabric will make a statement about your taste for quality and style. Experience the blend of comfort, durability, and timeless fashion with Vortex Traditional Pique.

  • Durable and versatile polycotton blend fabric.
  • Crafted with Vortex spun yarn enhancing pilling resistance.
  • Ideal for crafting stylish and comfortable polo shirts.
  • Suitable across diverse sectors – fashion, workwear, and schoolwear.
  • Ensures longevity with its enduring fresh and smooth appearance.

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