Sublimation White (W-0001)


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Product Description:

Minus Zero Tracknit, a premium fabric specifically designed with a brushed back finish for added comfort. Ideal for creating tracksuit pants, school leavers jackets, and sports jackets, Minus Zero Tracknit offers a harmonious blend of softness, durability, and style. The brushed back finish ensures an incredibly soft touch against the skin, while the strength of the fabric guarantees longevity, even under frequent use and multiple washes.

This fabric is not only robust but also prepared for sublimation, opening a world of possibilities in terms of design. Whether you prefer bold prints, team logos, or custom artwork, Minus Zero Tracknit ensures your vision comes to life with striking clarity and color. It’s the fabric of choice for those who demand comfort, function, and style in their active and casual wear. With Minus Zero Tracknit, you’re not just wearing a garment; you’re embracing a lifestyle.

  • Brushed back fabric delivers superior comfort and softness.
  • Ideal for tracksuit pants, school leavers jackets, and sports jackets.
  • Durable fabric withstands frequent use and washes.
  • Prepared for sublimation, enabling vibrant, long-lasting designs.
  • Combines comfort, function, and style for active and casual wear.

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