Sublimation White (W-0001)

Sub Jersey

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Product Description:

Sub Jersey, a Polyester Jersey fabric that beautifully emulates the feel and appearance of 100% cotton. This fabric has been carefully designed to capture the softness and comfort that cotton offers, while also providing the durability and versatility of polyester. The result is a fabric that feels just like your favorite cotton garment, but with the added benefits of longevity and colour retention.

One of the standout features of Sub Jersey is its readiness for sublimation, allowing for the creation of vibrant, long-lasting designs. Whether you’re planning bold graphics, subtle patterns, or custom artwork, Sub Jersey ensures your vision is vividly and accurately realized. From casual tees to comfortable activewear, Sub Jersey delivers the cotton-like feel you love, with the performance you need. Experience the best of both worlds with Sub Jersey, the perfect fabric for your creative and comfort needs.

  • Polyester Jersey fabric designed to mimic 100% cotton.
  • Combines the comfort of cotton with polyester durability.
  • Ideal for casual tees and comfortable activewear.
  • Ready for sublimation, enabling vibrant, enduring designs.
  • Balances a cotton-like feel with performance and longevity.

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