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SportTUFF Elite

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Product Description:

SportsDry SportsTUFF Elite, a fabric that builds on the foundational strengths of the SportsTUFF Pro with an added feature – the inclusion of spandex for superior stretch. This unique fabric, sometimes referred to as Scuba, is perfect for demanding sports like football and rugby, offering an optimal blend of durability, comfort, and flexibility.

The SportsTUFF Elite is engineered using hi-torque yarn, ensuring remarkable burst strength that can withstand the most intense sporting encounters. Despite its robustness, it maintains a soft touch against the skin, thanks to a high microfilament count, ensuring comfort during even the most gruelling matches.

What sets the SportsTUFF Elite apart is the integration of spandex in its construction. This provides the fabric with exceptional elasticity, allowing for an enhanced range of motion and a better fit. Whether you’re sprinting down the rugby field or making a crucial tackle in football, the SportsTUFF Elite, or Scuba as it’s commonly known, accommodates every move, allowing athletes to perform at their best.

The SportsDry SportsTUFF Elite fabric is more than just a sports material; it’s the epitome of superior sportswear – durable, comfortable, flexible, and stylish. For athletes who demand nothing but the best from their sportswear, the SportsTUFF Elite delivers unrivalled performance and flexibility.

  • Exceptional burst strength from hi-torque yarn.
  • High microfilament count ensures softness.
  • Durable and resilient, perfect for rigorous sports.
  • Spandex integration provides superior stretch and fit.
  • Combines strength, comfort, and flexibility in one fabric.

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