Sublimation White (W-0001)

SportsTUFF Reversable

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Product Description:

SportsDry SportsTUFF Reversible, a fabric that takes the strengths of the SportsTUFF and adds an exciting feature – the ability to be sublimation printed on both sides. This unique fabric offers a robust yet comfortable solution for football and rugby attire, created with hi-torque yarn for exceptional burst strength. Designed to withstand the rigors of intense sports encounters, it maintains its integrity and shape even under extreme conditions. Despite its toughness, a high microfilament count ensures a soft feel against the skin for maximum comfort during strenuous matches.

The defining feature of the SportsTUFF Reversible is its dual-side sublimation printing capability. This allows for vibrant, long-lasting prints on both sides of the fabric, providing teams with the opportunity to showcase their spirit in a dynamic and versatile way. Whether it’s team logos, player numbers, or custom designs, the possibilities are endless. The SportsDry SportsTUFF Reversible fabric embodies the perfect fusion of versatility, resilience, comfort, and style, making it a top choice for athletes demanding superior sportswear.

  • Exceptional burst strength from hi-torque yarn construction.
  • High microfilament count for a soft, comfortable feel.
  • Durable and resilient, ideal for rigorous sports.
  • Sublimation printable on both sides for versatile design options.
  • Combines strength, comfort, and style in one fabric.

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