Sublimation White (W-0001)

SportsTUFF Pro

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Product Description:

Experience the unmatched combination of strength, comfort, and aesthetics with our SportsDry SportsTUFF Pro. This heavy-duty fabric is an optimal choice for both football and rugby kits. Its unique composition includes hi-torque yarn construction, ensuring a remarkable burst strength that can withstand even the most intense sporting encounters. The resilience of this fabric means it can endure the toughest conditions while maintaining its shape and integrity. However, toughness doesn’t come at the expense of comfort. Thanks to a higher microfilament count, SportsTUFF Pro offers a supremely soft feel against the skin, ensuring comfortable wear even during the most grueling matches.

But the features of SportsTUFF Pro extend beyond physical performance. Prepared for sublimation, this fabric is capable of displaying vibrant, long-lasting prints. Whether it’s a team logo, player number, or a custom design, the colors remain vivid wash after wash. This way, it not only elevates the players’ performance but also showcases their team spirit in the most vibrant way. The fabric’s balance of versatility, resilience, and aesthetic appeal make it a favorite among athletes who demand the best from their sportswear. When you’re charging down the rugby field or making a crucial tackle in football, SportsDry SportsTUFF Pro delivers performance and style you can rely on.

  • Engineered with high-torque yarn for superior burst strength.
  • Soft feel due to higher microfilament composition.
  • Versatile performance fabric perfect for football and rugby.
  • Offers an optimal balance of strength and comfort.
  • Ensures consistent performance during high-intensity sports.

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