Sublimation White (W-0001)


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Product Description:

Minus Zero Solstice, a heavyweight brushed fleece fabric that exudes comfort and quality. This polyester fabric, used primarily for crafting jumpers and hoodies, leverages the best of both worlds – microfilament yarn on the fleece side for a plush, soft touch and brushed polar fleece on the back for additional warmth and coziness. This unique combination ensures exceptional softness, comfort, and thermal regulation.

The heavyweight characteristic of Minus Zero Solstice makes it a fantastic choice for cooler weather, providing an insulating layer without sacrificing breathability. Moreover, the fabric’s readiness for sublimation ensures that it can bring your creative designs to life with striking clarity and vibrant colours. From bold patterns to subtle hues, Minus Zero Solstice serves as a canvas for your creative expression. Embrace comfort, warmth, and style with Minus Zero Solstice – the perfect fabric for your winter wardrobe.

  • Heavyweight brushed fleece fabric offers excellent warmth.
  • Microfilament yarn and brushed polar fleece provide superior comfort.
  • Ideal for crafting warm jumpers and hoodies.
  • Prepared for sublimation, enabling vibrant, lasting designs.
  • Perfect choice for cooler weather, balancing insulation and breathability.

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