Sublimation White (W-0001)


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Product Description:

SportsDry Minicomb, a state-of-the-art polyester sports fabric featuring a mini honeycomb appearance, designed for sublimation printing and crafted with microfilament yarn. Merging exceptional performance, lightweight comfort, and sleek style, SportsDry Minicomb is the ideal choice for creating standout, customized sports apparel that distinguishes your team on and off the field. The fabric’s intricate, mini honeycomb design not only enhances its aesthetic appeal but also contributes to its superior functionality, boasting excellent print quality with vibrant, long-lasting designs and sharp details.

The fabric’s innovative moisture-wicking properties ensure that athletes remain dry and comfortable during even the most intense physical activities. The increased surface area of the microfilament yarns efficiently draws sweat away from the body and promotes evaporation, enabling you to stay cool and focused on your game. Experience unparalleled comfort with SportsDry Minicomb’s ultra-lightweight fabric, offering a smooth texture that feels great against the skin. The fabric’s breathability is further amplified by its unique mini honeycomb structure, which promotes better air circulation and helps regulate body temperature during play. Constructed to endure the demands of athletic wear, SportsDry Minicomb is highly durable and abrasion-resistant, maintaining its appearance and performance through numerous training sessions and matches. Elevate your team’s uniforms with the innovative and stylish SportsDry Minicomb polyester sports fabric and discover the difference that quality, comfort, and style can make on the field.

  • The intricate mini honeycomb design of SportsDry Minicomb adds visual appeal and boosts performance.
  • Superior sublimation printing quality delivers vivid, fade-resistant graphics and crisp details.
  • Stay dry and comfortable with the fabric’s advanced moisture-wicking properties.
  • The lightweight construction allows for maximum comfort and unrestricted movement during play.
  • SportsDry Minicomb fabric adapts to athletes’ movements, ensuring flexibility and ease during performance.

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