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Double Pique

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Product Description:

The Vortex Double Pique fabric is the ideal choice for creating high-quality polo shirts, both for corporate and school wear and for golfing. Made with Vortex spun yarn, this fabric provides exceptional resistance to pilling, ensuring that your shirts look great even after multiple wears. The fabric is available in white, but it can also be dyed to match your school, corporate, or golf club colour.

What sets the Vortex Double Pique fabric apart is its double knit structure, which provides a 50+ UV rating for sun protection. This makes it ideal for outdoor activities, ensuring that your employees and students are protected from harmful UV rays while they work or play. The pique knit provides a classic, timeless look that is perfect for both casual and formal occasions.

In addition to its sun protection and durability, the Vortex Double Pique fabric is also incredibly comfortable to wear. You can choose from a range of matching collars in both children and adult sizes, or you can opt for a custom jacquard or striped collar to add a touch of personality to your shirts.

The Vortex Double Pique fabric is a versatile and high-quality choice for creating polo shirts for a variety of purposes. With its resistance to pilling, sun protection, and durability, this fabric is the perfect choice for all your shirt-making needs.

• Vortex spun yarn for greater resistance to pilling.
• Double knit ensures higher UPF protection & durability.
• Traditionally used for corporate & school polo shirts.
• Matching adult & children collars available.
• Made to order jacquard & striped collars to match.
• Safety colours meet Australian / New Zealand safety standard (ASNZ 1906.4 2010)

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