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Bottle (3F3534)
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Cocoa (3F3534)
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Oxford Navy (313749)
Ink Navy (272C37)
Safety Yellow (F-F9FF22)
Safety Orange (F-FF6E30)

Double 2×2 Rib

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Product Description:

Double 2×2 Rib, a superior polyester rib fabric specifically designed to complement our Minus Zero Range. This fabric features a unique 2×2 rib construction that provides an interesting visual and tactile dimension to your garments. Its 100% polyester composition guarantees durability, resistance to shrinkage and stretching, and easy care.

Double 2×2 Rib opens up a world of possibilities with its wide array of colour options. It caters to various tastes and styles, offering you the freedom to create designs that truly reflect your vision. Whether you’re creating sportswear, casual attire, or pieces for a special occasion, this fabric maintains its structure and colour even after frequent usage and washing. Experience the flexibility and aesthetic appeal of Double 2×2 Rib, a fabric that masterfully blends practicality with style.

  • Unique 2×2 polyester rib construction for durability.
  • Specifically designed to match the Minus Zero Range.
  • Maintains structure and colour with frequent use and washing.
  • Offers a wide range of colour options.
  • Ideal for sportswear, casual attire, and special occasion pieces.

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