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Classic Rugby

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Product Description:

Our Fashions Staples Classic Rugby fabric is a heavyweight cotton jersey material that is perfect for creating stylish and comfortable clothing for everyday wear. Made from high-quality cotton fibers, this fabric provides durability and comfort, ensuring that your clothes stand the test of time.

The Classic Rugby fabric features a classic knit construction that gives it a sturdy and textured feel. Its heavyweight construction adds extra support, making it a great choice for creating cozy sweatshirts, joggers, and other fashion pieces. This fabric’s breathable and flexible construction also ensures that you stay comfortable throughout the day.

Whether you’re looking to create a fashionable streetwear piece or a comfortable everyday outfit, our Classic Rugby fabric has got you covered. Its versatile and timeless design makes it a popular choice for designers and fashion enthusiasts alike.

  • Made from high-quality cotton fibers for durability and comfort
  • Very heavy weight that provides extra support and texture
  • Classic knit construction that gives it a sturdy feel
  • Breathable and flexible for comfortable wear
  • Versatile and timeless design perfect for creating stylish streetwear and comfortable everyday clothing.

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