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Classic Interlock

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Product Description:

Our Vortex Classic Interlock is a versatile and lightweight fabric ideal for a range of garment-making needs. Made with Vortex spun yarn, it provides superior resistance to pilling, ensuring that your garments will look great even after multiple washes. The fabric is available in 10 colors and can be dyed to match your desired color.

The lightweight construction of the Vortex Classic Interlock fabric makes it the perfect choice for skivvies, baby clothing, and linings for other garments. Its smooth and comfortable texture will keep your little ones cozy and happy, while its durability will ensure that your garments will last through many washes.

In addition to its softness and durability, the Vortex Classic Interlock fabric is also incredibly versatile. You can complete your garments with matching lightweight 1×1 Polycotton ribbing for a complete garment.

• Vortex spun yarn for greater resistance to pilling.
• Traditionally used for skivvies, babieswear or garment lining.
• Matching light weigth 1×1 rib availble in stock

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