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Prepare for Garment Dye (PFGD01)
White Marle (M‐D5D5D6)
Grey Marle (M‐A6A6A3)
Charcoal Marle (M‐515356)
Sunflower (FFC015)
Jaffa (E86819)
Purple (4E4480)
Pink Candy (F3B4C3)
Hot Pink (CE3770)
Red (BE253D)
Maroon (592E3F)
Sky (8DB6E6)
Aqua (0098C2)
Turquoise (008197)
Royal (23509E)
Celtic Green (00804F)
Khaki (535440)
Bottle (1F3D39)
Junior Navy (2B384E)
Ink Navy (262E3A)
Platinum (6F7880)
Vintage Black (3D4043)
Black (262728)

Classic 1×1 Rib

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Product Description:

Classic 1×1 Rib, a traditional weight rib fabric thoughtfully designed to match our Classic Jersey range. The blend of 95% combed cotton and 5% spandex in this fabric offers an exceptional balance of comfort, breathability, and stretch. This makes it an excellent choice for a variety of clothing items, as well as for enhancing the structure and fit of garments with ribbed detailing.

Classic 1×1 Rib is a testament to versatility and elegance, offering a wide array of colour options to suit diverse design preferences. Whether you’re crafting minimalist designs or vibrant creations, there’s a Classic 1×1 Rib colour that complements your style. This fabric excels in crafting comfortable garments that maintain their shape and colour, even with frequent wear and washing. It’s also perfect for providing the finishing touches to necklines, hems, and sleeves. Experience the timeless charm and functionality of Classic 1×1 Rib, a fabric that effortlessly marries comfort with style.

  • Traditional weight 1×1 rib made from 95% combed cotton and 5% spandex.
  • Designed to match and enhance garments from our Classic Jersey range.
  • Retains shape and colour even with frequent wear and washing.
  • Available in a diverse range of colour options.
  • Ideal for enhancing garment structure and adding finishing touches.

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